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Design & Execution


Effective space planning is fundamental to flawless interior project execution. Our process involves meticulously blocking out interior areas, determining circulation patterns, and crafting layouts tailored to your needs. With expert assessment and client collaboration, we prepare comprehensive plans to bring your vision to life.

False Ceiling


Transform your space with our innovative false ceiling solutions. Crafted from a variety of materials including POP, gypsum board, aluminium panels, and more, our false ceilings add depth and dimension to any room. Elevate your interior design with our customizable false ceiling options.



Discover the perfect furniture pieces to complete your home at Entice Interios. From functional storage solutions to comfortable seating and stylish accents, our curated collection enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Choose quality furnishings that reflect your style and elevate your living spaces.

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Indulge in luxury with our exquisite range of designer fabrics and furnishings. From curtains to bed sheets, our selection offers a blend of style and functionality to enhance your home decor. Explore our wide range of fabrics and elevate your interiors with our chic and luxurious furnishings.

Home Automation


Experience convenience and control with our home automation solutions. From smart lighting and thermostats to security systems and surveillance cameras, our integrated automation systems offer remote access and seamless connectivity. Simplify your life and enhance your home with our cutting-edge automation technology.

Home Theater


Immerse yourself in the ultimate cinematic experience with our home theater setups. Featuring high-end audio and video equipment, including large screen TVs, projectors, and surround sound systems, our home theaters bring the movie theater experience to your doorstep. Elevate your entertainment space with our customizable home theater solutions.

HVAC (Centralized A/C)


Ensure optimal comfort and air quality with our HVAC services. Our centralized air conditioning systems maintain ideal temperatures and fresh air circulation, enhancing indoor comfort and productivity. Experience improved efficiency and air quality with our comprehensive HVAC solutions.

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Lighting Solutions


Illuminate your space with our innovative lighting designs. From interior to exterior lighting solutions, our expert designers craft lighting systems tailored to your specific needs. Enhance ambiance and functionality with our creative lighting solutions, designed to meet your unique requirements.

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